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Sisters' Corner

WELCOME to Sister's Corner!  We want your opinions and ideas, and to share with you stories about our members, lending our voices in advocacy and an ear to our global community.  Share, question, challenge and learn!

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The Sisters Global Newsletter Coracle curates and disseminates a monthly member newsletter. The newsletter provides a platform for the global sisterhood to read about empowered women and to contribute our own stories of all areas of life: some, work, community, activism, creativity, recreation, health, philosophy, spirituality, etc. 

Our online magazine provides resources women need to celebrate their successes, share their interests, discover their purpose and empower others. Whether opening a new business or speaking at a women's retreat, conference, boardroom, or classroom, women are empowered to fully develop and share their gifts and abilities. We aim to encourage women to lead and serve in their communities.

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