Women with Sparklers


Each month we spotlight a different Sister with an interview by Co-editors, Carol Yvette Thorney, MBA and Lee Stanfield.  Enjoy...

Aileen Cahill
Managing Partner, Customer Ergonomics

New Member Spotlight - October 2021

Aileen Cahill is our newest Sister.  Aileen Cahill is a Managing Partner at Customer Ergonomics. Her 25+ years of experience include operating roles for Fortune 500 companies – beginning in Brand Management at Hershey, Pepsi & Con Agra to Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer in pharmaceutical and travel – a board room strategy consultant, and Adjunct Professor. 


Aileen authored an MBA textbook, "Internet Marketing; Building Advantage in a Networked Economy" published by McGraw Hill. She's known for creating sustainable growth from the "Outside In" helping companies better understand their own customers' needs, their journeys, and how they make decisions.








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Kathy Judd
Sales Representative, Help Your Diabetes

New Member Spotlight - February 2022

Kathy Judd is our newest 2022 Sister. Kathy joined Help Your Diabetes as a Sales Representative in 2019.  Help Your Diabetes provides an all natural solution to the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and guarantees that patients will be off all diabetic medications within months. This is a consultative sales position walking potential patients through a sales process, identifying key values, overcoming objections, obtaining financing if necessary and closing the sale.

Among her many accomplishments, Kathy worked as an independent contractor at several yoga studios, schools and fitness facilities in the Washington DC Metro area. She taught an average of 12-15 regular classes a week + workshops and teacher training programs. She also spent a lot of time being a teacher’s teacher and providing counsel.

Kathy is married with two adult children and resides with her husband in Charleston, South Carolina.

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