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Be inspired, be emboldened, change the world
Join Us!

Welcome to the global web of women known as the Sisters. 


We invite women to step up, speak up, support each other and become agents for change, with a focus on local, grassroots projects that promote sustainability, community, and empowerment of women. 


Soon we will be launching a technical platform that incentivises initiative and collaboration by giving rewards points, called yin, to women who initiate projects, and those who support them through donations of time, money, introductions and mentoring. These yin points can then be redeemed for online courses in personal and professional development, discounts at ethical women-led businesses, or personal services such as coaching, massage, reiki, etc. 


 It will be an exciting time, as we experiment with various formats and initiatives - while there will hopefully be some spectacular successes, no doubt there will also be some “learning opportunities” - but as one of our goals is to help women be more bold, less perfectionist, that is fine too! 


What does membership give you?


- Participation in a global community of women collaborating on projects with genuine impact 


- The opportunity to shape our vision at the start of what we believe will become a worldwide movement


- The chance to connect with, and be supported by, a global network of incredible women who have already proved outstanding in their fields


- An invitation to give your feedback as we experiment with various offerings, likely to include webinars, book club, documentary club, online courses, events, retreats, and/or surveys, mindfully designed to support you on your journey and nurture our community.


What do we ask of you?


During this initial year we will be interacting often with the Big Sisters as we co-create our community, and we ask that you give us feedback as to how we are doing in meeting your expectations, and how we can add more value to your life and work. 


We would also like to invite you to nominate the most awesome women you know to become part of this first cohort. 


We are looking for women who:

- Are passionate about creating a better future

- Are collaborative and sharing, and natural connectors

- Actively pursue personal/spiritual growth


We cherish diversity, so we especially welcome non-European, non-North-American Sisters - but all are welcome!


We invite our Big Sisters to help support us through our first year by contributing at least $20 per month to our shared pool of resources. If you can gift more, please know that you will be accelerating our progress and helping the cause of women worldwide. 


If you're in, please go to our Patreon page and sign up.


This is a special time to be a woman. We have all grown up in a world designed by men, for men. It is high time that we created a world that works for all. Please join us. Become part of the movement. Become a Sister. 

What happens next . . .​

  • Once you sign up at the Patreon page, you will receive a thank you email.

  • This email will contain a password which will allow you access to the Sisters-only area of the site.

  • ​From there you will be invited to upload your profile to our secure Sisters database.

  • Log in to the members’ area of our website as and when you wish and make yourself at home in our welcoming community of Sisters!


  • We welcome male supporters as well, who are eligible for honorary associate membership.

  • Please note, however, that while honorary associates will receive the regular newsletters, you will not be able to access the Sisters-only area of the website.

  • All enquires HERE, and to donate please go to Support Us

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